NexStep Biomarkers has provided consulting, in vivo testing, and delivered small scripting functions and end-to-end programs to a variety of academic and commercial clients.

For custom software, hardware, and wetware solutions, pricing estimates range from a few hundred dollars and upwards and is based on the either 1) the assay and number of compounds tested and 2) both the complexity of the underlying algorithms and programming hours.

For software development, we typically prefer a list either of specifications or in many cases a literature reference to guide us in determining user interface, needed functionality, and computational algorithms.

For 2015, NexStep Biomarkers is eliminating all setup charges to new customers.

Current pricing for our Software-as-a-Service model.

Description Unit Price (USD)
NSB SaaS Data Conduit Free
Preclinical EEG Analysis Report (per animal/drug administration) $87.50 USD
Preclinical EEG Analysis Report (150+ Discounted Price) $70.00 USD
Preclinical EEG Analysis Report (500+ Discounted Price) $50.00 USD
Customer Interaction $125.00 USD
Custom Software Development $200.00 USD

Cerridwen High-Throughput EEG Framework Software

Item Description Unit Price (USD)
qEEG-FM-v1 This is the Main Matlab framework
  • Study Designer
  • Statistical Table Generator
qEEG-FM-i1 Importer for:   
  • Dataquest ART 4.0 (encrypted) format
qEEG-FM-i2 Importer for:
  • .edf Format
qEEG-FM-e1 Exporter for:  
  • EDF format
qEEG-FM-m1 Artifact Detection Module 500.00
qEEG-FM-m2 qEEG Spectral Module   
  • Includes: .csv/.xls output of spectra
qEEG-FM-m3 qEEG Spectral Parameter GUI  
  • cIncludes: "On the Fly" Spectral Band/Ratio Calculation
qEEG-FM-m4 Hypnogram Module (Sleep Scoring)
  • Sleep Report per recording
  • .csv/.xls output of Sleep Stages
  • 2 algorithms for calculating stages
qEEG-FM-m5 Seizure Detection Module
  • Seizure Report per recording
qEEG-FM-s1 12 months of service contract on this software. Includes bug fixes and regular maintenance upgrades, but no enhancements or additions. 0.00

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